How to transfer a domain to HostingOwner

Step 1:
Login to your current domain registrar and obtain an "EPP" or "Auth Code" or "Transfer Code" from them for a domain transfer.
Important: You may also have to unlock the account so it can be transferred.

Make note of the Name Servers, you’ll need them when you register on this side.

Step 2:
Login to the Control Panel

Step 3:
Select Billing -> Transfer Domain to Us

billing -> transfer a domain to us


Step 4:
Enter your domain name and click Check Availability


From the resulting list go down to the bottom and click Add To Cart


Step 5:
Enter the EPP code you got from your current domain registrar

Decide whether you want ID Protection: this will replace your domain registration contact information with generic information so that your identity is protected.

Change the Name Servers to the ones that showed on your old domain registrar

Click Update Cart


Step 6:

On the Domain Order Summary screen, enter any Promotional Code you have for discounts and click Validate Code

When ready, click Checkout


Note: there may be a waiting period of up to 7 days before the actual transfer takes place

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