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100% Canadian Web Hosting

Everything To Get Your Business Online

Starting at CAD$9.95/month

Web hosting, domains, business email and more!

True North Hosting

100% Canadian eh! We’re Canadian owned and operated and our servers are located in Canada.


Every website needs a domain name to call its own! Establish your online presence with a variety of domains. We offer competitive prices to register, transfer and renew domains.

Friendly Support

We offer friendly and prompt technical support. We’re a small business too, so we understand what matters to you and how to help you the most.


Hosting Plans



We provide Domains, Web Hosting, and Business Email, everything you need to get your business online.
Our web hosting solutions are perfect for small businesses and web developers.

As Canadians, we’re friendly and make it easy for you to get your website and emails set up and running smoothly.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is search engine optimization anyway? SEO is the art of improving search engine rankings and site visibility. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo automatically search and index the internet. They analyze web pages and use algorithms to determine rankings of pages when certain key words are used in searches.

How does this apply to you? Just think: when was the last time you clicked a result on the second, third, or fourth page of a google search? The vast majority of people click one of the links in the top 10, and that’s where you need to be. This is especially important for local and small businesses. It’s critical that your site be immediately visible and easy to find.

We can help ensure that your site ranks well, and fix any existing problems. By auditing your website, we look at a massive number of factors, on-page and off-page, to identify and troubleshoot any problems, and to develop an SEO strategy that will increase your site ranking and authority.

Please give us a shout for a free consultation, or just if you have any questions about SEO! We love you talk about SEO and are happy to explain more.

WordPress Maintenance and Consultation

We use WordPress often, and know it well. While it’s incredibly well-supported, it’s important to continuously manage your WordPress website to prevent security exploits and out of date plugins and themes. Sites that are not updated are in jeopardy of being hacked.

We know it’s a hassle to keep up to date, especially of you’re not technically savvy, or just really busy. Fortunately, we offer a monthly service to keep your site functioning and safe. Once a month, or at your discretion, we’ll check your website, and update WordPress, themes and plugins. We’ll ensure everything is working, and that the site is backed up.

If you don’t want a monthly plan, we’re happy to provided maintenance and consultation services at an affordable hourly rate. Please contact us for more information!

About Us

We’re a small company based in Vancouver Canada. 100% Canadian owned and operated, we offer comprehensive and affordable services designed to suit the needs of your small business. We pride ourselves on offering the ‘full package’ of web services. From domain registration to search engine optimization, we’ve got you covered.

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